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Abusive relationships can be found at home and at work, but you possess the inner strength to leave and find your own happiness. Don’t get caught in the trap created by those exhibiting borderline or narcissistic personality disorder. Kris Godinez shines a light on what’s keeping you stuck so you can get out and reclaim your personal power. Through her videocasts, books, and from the stage, Kris shares:

No-nonsense, practical conversations about what’s holding you back.

Blunt, down-to-earth advice that helps you see the cycle and break it.

Personal anecdotes and examples that will have you relating to the situation in a new way.

Real emotions that will make you laugh, cry, and feel everything you’ve been holding back.

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What Is Narcissistic
Personality Disorder?

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a mental condition in which individuals have an inflated sense of self-importance, which exhibits itself in a need for higher levels of attention, a sense of entitlement, and a lack of empathy for others. Those who have NPD are controlling in relationships at home and at work, leading to emotional, mental, and physical abuse.

How do I know if I’m living with / working with someone who has NPD?
Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a clinical diagnosis in which the person has an inflated sense of self-worth. It is found in both Men and Women. Someone who has NPD will exhibit the behavior through an excessive need for attention, a sense of entitlement, and the inability to handle criticism. They will also have a keen disregard for others’ feelings.
Do people with NPD have other issues in addition to this diagnosis?
NPD must be diagnosed by a trained professional. It can sometimes overlap or be confused with other personality disorders, including Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD), or Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD).
What is the best way to communicate with someone who has NPD?
Since those who have NPD are egocentric, two-way communication can be challenging. Victims of abuse at the hands of NPD individuals often fall into a codependent, enabling relationship because they try to appease them. The best method of communication is a technique called “grey rock”, which is show absolutely no emotion. Think “zen master.”


What are the red flags of abuse?
The abuser follows a pattern of behaviors like a script.

1. Love bombing: Over-showering you with attention and acceptance.

2. Mirroring: Pretending to have the same interests and desires.

3. Mask wearing: Taking on a personality befitting the situation, to benefit their needs, disguising their true self.

4. Isolation: Pitting you against your friends and family, forcing you to abandon them.

5. Devalue: Criticism, making you feel that you can’t do anything right.

6.  Gaslightng: Reinventing history to fit their narrative or agenda, and denying how events really happened. Making statements such as “I never said that” or “You’re crazy, that never happened” are hallmarks.

7. Discredit: Turning things around to put the blame on you, dismissing your claims as untrue. They will do this to you, as well as family, friends, and your counselor.

8. Discard: Once they have gotten what they need, or feel that you have realized what they are doing, they will drop you like a hot rock.

9. Hoover: They will try to win you back, with promises of change making statements like “I’ll change, it will be better this time”, “I didn’t really mean it”.

10. Rinse and repeat: The cycle will start over again from the beginning.

About Me

As a survivor of an abusive relationship personally, I was very much inspired to help others see the signs and escape the abuse. I share my story openly and transparently in an effort to bring an often taboo topic into the light. My passion is to educate and enlighten others, providing the tools needed to move forward on their own and not be dependent on others.

What you will always get with me, in my videocasts, books, from the stage, and in personal counseling, is honesty and a no-nonsense communication style. I call out people on their stories and help them see a new way of being that allows them to step into their personal power.


“Thank you for your continued support thru your you-tube videos; in conjunction w/ my therapist & “deal breakers” I was able to exit my 1st post narcissistic abuse relationship.”

I was genuinely lost and scared before finding your videos. I was a victim of sexual/emotional/physical abuse for ten years. I’ve been manipulated for years and finally was able to break away after finding the strength through your videos and my amazing fiancé.”

“Thank you so much for your videos!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I felt like I was drowning in doubt and self-failure. You truly are a lifesaver. I feel like my life is just beginning!”

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