Meet and Greets are back!

If you have ever been in a relationship that makes you feel uncomfortable, insecure, manipulated or taken advantage of, attending this event can help you understand what happened and why, and most importantly how to recover and move on from this kind of mental abuse. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from Kris regarding her personal journey. Find out how to leave an abusive relationship and to heal from the trauma inflicted by a parent, spouse, friend or coworker with a severe personality disorder.

Kris Godinez is a Licensed Professional Counselor and internationally known expert on cluster B personality disorders and the havoc those afflicted cause in the lives of friends, family and romantic partners. Her 12 years of experience as a professional counselor, as well as her own personal experience growing up in a household with a disordered father, provide her with a unique insight and perspective. Kris is also the host of the video series “We Need to Talk with Kris Godinez”, broadcast weekly live on YouTube and available for streaming download on YouTube. Kris’ books, “So Your Want To Be A Therapist”, “You Can Lead A Horse to Water, but You Can’t Make ‘Em Cha Cha: Why Some People Stay in Abusive Relationships and Some Don’t” as well as “What’s Wrong with Your Dad?” are now all available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. You can find Kris on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Come join a small, intimate group of people just like you to meet Kris Godinez in person. Kris will chat with you one on one and answer questions specific to your situation. You can even take a photo with her to keep and share. Limited to only 10 participants, you’ll have two hours with Kris to ask questions, hear about her experiences and share your own if you choose

Raleigh, North Carolina May 11, 2024 – SOLD OUT
Richmond, Virginia June 22, 2024
Washington, DC July 20, 2024
York, Pennsylvania August 5, 2024
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania August 10, 2024
Nashville, Tennessee August 17, 2024