The Covid Hoover

Abusers LOVE to hoover (suck in) their previous supply back into lives. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!!!...
July 8, 2020

Abusers LOVE to hoover (suck in) their previous supply back into lives. They also will use whatever excuse is handy to try to get you to contact them again. The “Baby, I’ve changed” hoover.  Christmas? How about a “Tis the season” hoover. Spring? “Remember when we went on that vacation and all the fun we had?” hoover. The “I miss you” hoover.

Now? The COVID Hoover.

“You know with this whole pandemic we should just put the past aside and be together, given how the world is right now.”


What is going on is that THEY are alone, THEY don’t have a supply to feed their ego, THEY are bored, THEY are scared, and THEY are unable to get supply especially if they are working from home. This particular hoover works on your fear of the pandemic and the idea that somehow a miracle of epic proportions has occurred and they are a “changed” person.

They will follow up the COVID hoover by love bombing you to “show” you that they have “really” changed. They will try to get you to take trips down memory lane and forget all the abuse.  No. They haven’t changed. Leopards do not change their spots. The best way to prevent a hoover, ANY hoover, is to block them on all forms of communication, email, text, social media, etc.

Write out a list of deal-breakers, ie things you should NEVER put up with from anybody, write out all that they put you through, go or stay no contact and kick their sorry ass to the curb! The worst thing is to be stuck with an abuser during a quarantine. Trust me, you don’t want that!

Do not fall for the COVID hoover! Stay strong!

Gaslighting: The Lies That Dim Reality

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Love Bombing The Game Abusers Play

Love Bombing The Game Abusers Play

Abusers do not love. They covet. When they meet a potential target for abuse, they want what the target has, which is love, empathy, kindness, compassion. The abuser can only mimic those emotions. Abusers do not understand normal courtship. They want the relationship to move at lightning speed, to mine you for wounds, your past, things that will be used against you later.